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Why You Should Let a Dentist Reline Your Dentures

September 7, 2023

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Wearing dentures has many advantages. Not only are you able to eat nutrient-rich foods more comfortably, but you’re also able to smile with greater ease. But after some time, you may notice that your teeth no longer fit like they used to. In these instances, a dentist may need to adjust your dentures so that they fit comfortably again. But is it possible to reline your dentures on your own? Keep reading to learn why it’s best to leave this process to the professionals.

What Does It Mean to Reline a Denture?

Denture relining is the process of adding material to the inside of the denture so that it fits properly and comfortably.

After significant wear, it is normal for the jawbone to take on a different shape, especially as it weakens over time. As a result, it can cause your artificial teeth to no longer fit correctly.

This is why a trusted dentist can recommend the process of relining, as it helps to improve the fit of your teeth so that you can continue to enjoy them year after year.

What Is the Process of Relining a Denture?

To reline a denture, your dentist must take impressions of the inside of your denture before sending it off to a dental lab. Acrylic material is then inserted into the gapped areas, ensuring that the prosthetic will fit correctly once put in place.

Depending on the lab, it is possible to have your denture returned to you the same day; however, some instances require a longer wait time.

There is also the option of receiving what is known as a chairside acrylic reline. This shortens the amount of time you must wait to receive your denture, but it is usually only recommended if you cannot be without your teeth for any prolonged period.

Why a Dentist Should Take Care of Relining Your Dentures

While certain individuals will do anything to save money, even when it comes to their artificial teeth, relining your dentures on your own should not be one of them. The reason is that you could severely damage your prosthetics, resulting in costly replacements. You might also:

  • Reshape your denture in a way that leaves sharp edges, ultimately causing pain.
  • Be unable to chew or close your lips, which means the denture reline was done incorrectly.
  • Make it obvious to others that you’re wearing dentures, as an improper reline can cause your teeth to appear off or tilted.

It’s natural to want to save money, but when it comes to your smile, don’t cut corners. Instead, leave it to the professionals to take care of your teeth so that you can enjoy a healthier, longer-lasting smile.

About Grand Dental – Lockport
At Grand Dental – Lockport, we aim to help our patients maintain healthier smiles. When a patient complains that their dentures no longer fit as they should, we can discuss options of relinement, replacement, or making the switch to implant dentures. Visit our website or call (815) 240-8068 to learn how we can help.