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Special Needs Dentistry – Lockport, IL

Customizing Care Based on Your Child’s Needs

Dental care may not be high on the list for parents of a special needs child in Lockport. Because of the vast medical concerns and issues that must be considered, the time devoted to seeing a dentist can be difficult. But children with special needs are often more prone to cavities, dental decay, gum disease, tooth eruption issues, and bite misalignments. With the help of Grand Dental – Lockport, our team can easily provide the care needed in an environment that is welcoming, comfortable, advanced, and personalized. We believe every child is deserving of exceptional dental care, so if you’re ready to find your child a home for better oral healthcare, contact us today for an appointment.

Why Choose Grand Dental – Lockport for Special Needs Dentistry?

Who Can Benefit From Special Needs Dentistry?

Dental care for special needs in Lockport is most often provided to patients who are living with mental, physical, developmental, or behavioral issues. Oral conditions, nutrition, medications, and immobility can make it difficult for these children to adequately care for their teeth and gums. This will not only raise their risk for cavities and tooth decay but also gum disease.

At Grand Dental – Lockport, you can count on our team to offer the appropriate services that are designed to minimize these risks and instead, put the child’s smile on the right path. Our team will also work closely with parents to establish effective oral hygiene habits at home, so teeth and gums can remain clean and in their proper place.

What Happens During a Special Needs Visit?

Girl undergoing checkup in Lockport

When a child arrives for a special needs visit, parents will need to trust that our team has the capability, skill, and commitment to ensure the health and safety of the patient. Apart from using dental props to make it easier for young children to hold their mouths open, our team will also be mindful of the brightness of the lights as well as the tone of our voice in which we provide cues to small children.

We find it is also helpful to use positive reinforcement, as children with special needs can become upset, frustrated, or confused. Reminding them of the good job they are doing helps to make future appointments less fearsome and more enjoyable.

How Grand Dental – Lockport Can Help Your Child With Special Needs

Boy with special needs in Lockport

When inquiring about a specialist who can work with individuals with special needs, Grand Dental – Lockport is pleased to introduce Dr. Shuran Liang. As a board-certified pediatric dentist, he works closely with children and parents to establish unique accommodations and comfortable techniques. This allows him to provide successful treatments that lead to beautiful results.

What Is The Rainbow System?

Special needs boy in wheelchair in Lockport

If your child needs assistance to remain still during their appointment, we can use the Rainbow Stabilizing System. Designed with a beautiful pattern for the wrap, the complete system also uses a papoose board that lies flat. Both the board and wrap help to secure the child’s legs and arms to ensure they remain still while our team works on their smile.

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