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Are Implant Dentures Better Than Traditional Prosthetics?

October 19, 2023

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digital image of implant denture

Traditional dentures have been used for centuries to help individuals struggling with tooth loss find hope in a complete smile once again. Their materials have changed over the years to become more natural in appearance, and they are much more comfortable to wear. However, these custom prosthetics still cause much frustration to those who rely on prosthetic teeth for a functional smile. Discover the reason so many are turning to implant dentures and why they are a worthwhile investment.

What are Some Challenges That Can Occur with Traditional Dentures?

Wearing dentures may make it easier to eat certain foods and feel more confident when speaking to others; however, as time passes, problems can form, resulting in necessary visits to the dentist’s office. Not only is relining and replacement necessary over the years but adjusting to each new prosthetic takes time.

Many patients who wear dentures often complain of:

  • The mess that denture adhesives can cause
  • The potential slipping of teeth when eating or speaking
  • Slurring of words when attempting to speak to others
  • Soreness and chafing because of ill-fitting teeth
  • Regular relining and replacing of dentures
  • Tedious daily maintenance

Why are Implant Dentures a Worthwhile Investment?

Making the switch to implant dentures is something many patients remain curious about, as they deliver greater benefits, one of which is stability.

Instead of continuing to live with a prosthetic that causes much annoyance and frustration, millions of Americans are now enjoying a smile that is longer-lasting and allows for greater function when eating and speaking.

But these are only a few of the major advantages that come with implant dentures. Others include:

  • A more youthful appearance because of the stimulated jawbone. Tooth loss can lead to bone resorption – a process that causes the jawbone to weaken due to a lack of stimulation. With implant dentures, patients can maintain more supple and vibrant appearances because of the added support of new teeth.
  • Improved oral health because of the ease of cleaning implant dentures. Instead of having to take them out at night to soak, these can remain in place full-time and be cleaned using common oral hygiene products.
  • Adjusting to life with implant dentures is easy. Instead of spending weeks and even months sticking to a liquid or soft diet and practicing hard-to-pronounce words and phrases, individuals can begin to use their new prosthetics just like they would regular teeth.
  • There is no need to worry about implant dentures slipping out of place because of their permanent placement within the jawbone. The implants’ ability to fuse with the jawbone ensures greater stability when eating, speaking, and smiling. And there is no need for denture adhesive.

Making the switch to implant dentures can be a positive step in the right direction for a person’s oral and overall health. Instead of struggling with the various challenges that regular prosthetics present, transitioning to a longer-lasting solution can make all aspects of life much more enjoyable.

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